Damien Ropero

Damien Ropero has been obsessed with still life photography since he could remember. Leading quite an active life between New York City, Paris and wherever his surf board, skis and camera may take him, he seems to personify the objects of his images with his quiet and mischievous sense of humour reflecting a love and disgust with life.

Although hailing from Switzerland by way of Spain and through Paris, being a product of the 80s and 90s, he was heavily influenced by the romance and excitement offered up by both luxury and mundane American products advertised in print at that time. The truly capitalist, glamourous, active and spontaneous lifestyle that these images offered up made him almost fetishize and fantasize the product.

He uses this influence today in his shoots, specializing in making luxury goods seem whimsical, full of wit and a with a healthy dose of a wry sense of humour. He captures the sublime essence of the products creating personas for the goods that make them appear to jump off the page to somehow improve the viewers’ lives.

Damien loves using light and shadow to capture the moment when his object can be seen being reckless, smiling, laughing or cursing as if a character coming boldly out of a novel. His love of color and composition allows him to create moments in time where the objects are captured reflecting the feeling of the viewer.